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Coach development


This programme offers all local coaches the opportunity to develop and expand their knowledge and skills, through workshops and programmes which are relevant to all sports.

Course include:

  • A Club for All
  • Positive Behaviour Management in Sport
  • Equity in Your Coaching
  • First Aid
  • Coaching Disabled Performers
  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children

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Register as a Coach with Kent Sport

KentSport would like to know about you and your coaching experience in order to:

  • Support your development with relevant and up to date information about training and development opportunities
  • Share ideas and celebrate your coaching achievements
  • Develop a coaching community across sports throughout Kent
  • Provide information to organisations and clubs that are seeking coaches for voluntary and paid work

You can control who views your profile, you can choose to receive updates and development opportunities or allow organisations to contact you with opportunities for voluntary and paid coaching.

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Coaching in Schools

If you would like to coach in schools and be added to the Kent County Council Directory of External Providers you will need to attend a two day training event which aims to ensure high quality standards in provision, and explore how the relationship with schools can benefit the provider, the school and the wider community.

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