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Across the Canterbury district there is a cycle route for all tastes, whether it be rural, coastal or urban and along the way there are beautiful views and historical sights for the whole family to enjoy.

Active Mile Markers

Have you spotted our Active Mile Markers across the district? They measure a distance of up to three miles in some locations where you can either walk, run or cycle. Keep a record of your time and distance and see your fitness improve. Perhaps challenge your family or friends to join in- you’ll be amazed at your progress!

The Active Mile markers can be found at the following locations:

It takes most people about 20 minutes to walk a mile, although if you don’t take much exercise it might take you a bit longer than this at first.

Cycle Shops and Cycle Hire

If you are looking to hire or buy a new bike, the district has a large selection of shops to choose from.

Cycle routesCycle Routes

The Kent Countryside deserves to be explored but if your looking to get from “a to b” on two wheels then here are a number of popular cycle routes. The link below includes family friendly cycle routes and downloadable maps produced by Spokes East Kent Cycle Campaign Group.

If you have any cycle rides that you would like to share then please upload your routes using Map My Run.

Learn to Cycle

If you are keen to learn how to ride a bike but don’t know where to start, there are a couple of local Cycling Instructors that may be able to help:

Cycling Age or Cycle Circle

Benefits to your Health

  • According to the British Heart Foundation, cycling ar least 20 miles per week reduces the risk of coronary heart disease to less than half that for non-cyclists.
  • It is claimed that cycling raises the speed of your metabolism for hours afterwards, so your body continues to burn calories even after exercise.
  • Even if you cycle only a few miles per day, your muscles will gain the benefit, usually becoming trimmer and more toned.
  • Your psychological well-being will be enhanced, a long leisurely cycle ride along the coast or through other scenic terrain can definitely help reduce stress.
  • Cycling also reduces pollutants in the air which are a threat to health.

Benefits to the Environment

  • Cycling helps reduce carbon emissions which scientists believe contribute to global warming.
  • A bike journey can help reduce noise and pollution as well as protect green spaces, monuments and buildings from the adverse effects of pollution.
  • Cycling can also help to reduce traffic congestion and the economic cost of traffic delay.
  • To make a bicycle requires only a fraction of the materials and energy needed to make a car.
  • Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by one car.